Tiger Boxhanskar, Bláir
Green Hill

Tiger Boxhanskar, Bláir

Venjulegt verð 15.990 kr

The boxing glove TIGER  made of real leather is one of the most popular and effective competition gloves. It is characterized by its brilliant properties. The padding produced by a special process ensures an excellent fit and safety. Ventilation holes in the palms and an extra thumb strap provide extra security and a comfortable fit. The Velcro fastener ensures easy handling and extra grip of the wrist in the fight. The Boxing glove for professional training and amateur competitions!

• padding with IM - made technology
• ventilation holes in the palms
• extra thumb strap
• velcro fastener
• professional Training
• Size: 10  oz– 16 oz
• Colour: red, blue
• 100 % cowhide


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